Friday, December 10, 2010


I'd like to take a moment and talk about expectations. This is something for those starry eyed law students or pre-law undergrads. Perhaps it's just being at a large firm but in general, the expectation is that, as a junior associate, the firm completely owns you. Don't expect to make plans with anyone after work, be it a drink with friends, dinner with a significant other or anything else. Odds are, you'll cancel. Don't make plans on the weekends because they own you then too. Bottom line, they expect that based upon your market salary that you are available at all hours regardless of the day or situation. Holidays? They mean nothing. Major life events? What life?

That all brings me back to expectations. Want to be a lawyer? Expect to hate it. If you can be comfortable with doing it just for the money and having no time to share it with anyone, then all the power to you. Granted, that means you're a complete and utter idiot and/or schmuck.

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  1. So where did you go?

    Bail out, got fired, killed yourself, joined the Russian Army on a drunk bet?